Updated:May, 2018

iPjSystem Consulting Services
@Network Design & Development
@User Interface for Web Information System
@HCD:Human Centered Design and UXD:User Experience Design
@Open Network System Environment Integration
@Business Application Development
@Hardware Sales
@Software Research & Development
@Project Management

iQjTechnical Research & Development
@IoT:Internet of Things
@Enterprise System Integration
@HCD & UXD introducing and organization
@EMIS:Environmental Managemnet Information Systems

iRjDocumentation & Usability Services
@Documentation services
@Website design services
@Usability design services

iSjLicensing & Contract
@Software & educational products

iTjInternational Marketing & Sales
@Personal computing peripheral devices

iUjTechnical Communications & Translations
@@@(English & Japanese Documentation)
@Computer engineering
@Mechanical engineering
@Electrical & Electronical engineerings
@Civil Constructions
@Architectural engineering
@Geological engineering

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